A fantasy becomes a reality

At long last we found the Mile 9 Dump, a.k.a. The Robinson Dump, a.k.a. The Mt. Lorne Dump, and also the location of the fabled Free Store. Rich had spotted it earlier on his commute and we went on a family visit to plunder it's treasure, visions of sofas bouncing in my head. I almost grabbed some cash on the the way out, and then I remembered, it's free.

It's also not as fantastic as I envisioned it.

You may not be surprised by this.

I guess I had a vision of a used but nice living room set, staged kind of like you might see at ikea, with a friendly free store manager to help us make our selections and hold our choices until we could get back with the trailer. Then he would kindly help us load it and make some suggestions for colourful accents.

It wasn't quite like that. There were no sofas. There were two pieces of furniture, a broken down desk of the plastic variety and a heavily chipped veneer drawer unit. Not the weathered solid wood gem that a little elbow grease could restore to it's former glory. Not the living room set that house guests would crow over and marvel at our cleverness for getting for free. Alas, I think it might take more than one trip to the free store, some kijiji trolling and hopefully some furniture clearance sales to make our place more comfortable.