Head in the clouds

Here we are 2500 feet closer to the sky than if we were at sea. Clouds drift by, sometimes blocking the mountains from view, sometimes engulfing us completely.

Low clouds over the peak of Mount Lorne. Photo by Christa Galloway.

The light is different here. A low sun illuminating low clouds gives the sky an appearance that is so different from where I come from, that it sometimes seems alien, a suitable backdrop for Captain Picard's number one, Riker and his away team. (Yes, I prefer STTNG to the originals, and yes, I am a complete nerd.)

Cool skies in the Yukon. Photo by Christa Galloway.

The result of all this is that I often find myself outside in my slippers shivering, taking photos of the ever-changing sky. Maybe one day I'll look out and it will be so ordinary I will decide to keep my feet warm and stay inside. But that day is not today.