Boxing Day

It’s been a year.

Dec 26, 2013 was the day our family embarked on a nine-day trip, 6000 kms west and north, to an uncertain future in the Yukon.

The move was a long time coming, but the 26th was the day we made the leap.

Since then, we’ve changed careers, provinces and dwellings a few times including a memorable but not-to-be-repeated month living in a tent. We’ve been hopeful, scared, triumphant and desolate. 

Now, our future has a clarity we couldn’t have imagined a year ago. It looks like we’re going to be gainfully employed, productive members of society. Thankfully, it seems we landed on our feet.

For me, boxing day will always be the day everything changed. It’s a day to take your life in your own hands, take responsibility for your own existence, realize your own power to change your life… and leap.

So, from me to you, happy boxing day.