Typing should be an olympic sport

My mom was a secretary for many years. She is one of the strongest people I know, but after my brief secretary experience my respect has gone to a whole new level.

I took the minutes for the Lorne Advisory Council last night. I typed 3000 words in an hour and a half. It is painful for me to write this post. My wrists are aching and my finger muscle feel like jelly. I bow down in awe to secretaries everywhere. 

My brain hurts when I think of the amount of acronyms and that flowed from the mouths of the speakers like a rushing river. It seemed like it would never stop. Every once and I while I am humbled and I realise I know nothing. This was one of those times.

My next job is to go through a 90 minute recording and try to fix my mistakes and fill in the gaps. My fingers seize up every time I think about it. My wrists are twitching in revolt, I think they want to sucede from the rest of me. This is one of those rare times where procrastination might be the smart choice.

Needless to say, this will be a short post.