Furniture shopping - on a whole other level

Rustic and north meet authenticity with some to-die-for furniture.

A screen grab from

A screen grab from

I have a very distinct memory of my cousin, Jesse, from when we were both young children. While most kids were just mastering Lego, he had built a small model home with working lights. Since then, through hard work and help from his extraordinary dad, he has only gotten more talented, from renovating a house (actually, make that two houses) to building an airplane. 

I always admire people who can not only dream it, but build it. For those of us who do not have such skill, there is a way to get that dream nonetheless. Jesse and his artistic wife have joined forces to start a new business building custom made furniture, Rustic North Furniture. 

The main downside is that we are now 6000 kms away from them, so shipping might be more than a little costly, but if you live in Ontario, check them out. They are based in Wasaga Beach.

On their website you can see an ingenious airplane rocking chair, one of those things you wonder how no one has thought of this before, but you're glad someone has. I can't wait to see what they have in store next.