Two weeks alone III

Day Fourteen

I had a productive day at work today. My boss even said I had a good idea. Hallelujah. Went home, took the dog for a walk, made guacamole for dinner and watched a movie. I’m sure in a few days I’ll be in the midst of family chaos and look back at this quiet peaceful day with envy but a boring easy life would not be my choice.

Day Fifteen

Today at work everyone needed everything done yesterday; a bit stressful but everything worked out. Another frozen meal for dinner, this one was actually quite delicious. I’m not ashamed to admit I indulged a bit on my last night of solitude, a glass of wine, a long bath, a book and a bit of introspection. I think I may be just learning to enjoy this. Tomorrow at midnight, the boys return. Looking forward to lots of hugs.


The boys are back! I got my fix of hugs, cuddles and love. I am a very happy addict.

My house is now filled with the traditional clutter, noises and spirit. I get interrupted 20 times a day, there are globs of toothpaste smeared down the sink, every few seconds someone asks me where something is, and it’s fantastic. I feel like myself for the first time in two weeks. 

It seems strange to me that I need two other people in my life to feel like myself, but that seems to be the way it is. I started these two weeks thinking about how I’m an independent woman and I’d be just fine on my own but I learned something a little different. I discovered that while I am a person, myself, without anyone else and I even like that version of me, but I’m more comfortable as “myself” with my family. I also learned that I can exist by myself and it's good for me to try things outside of my cosy family circle. I grow with each new, even “uncomfortable” experience.

Rich and Ozzie had a fantastic time in England. Their photos are priceless. Even more priceless is the time they got to spend with Richard’s family. Plus they returned with supplies of British tea and chocolate... ooh and presents. Awesome.

So, I’m happy things are back to normal and I’m glad I got a chance to become re-acquainted with the old me. I have a new appreciation for the value of family and a new confidence to go out and try things in the big bad scary world.

Oh yes, and I had a full-on home-cooked meal.