Last minute travel jitters

One more night and we’re off to Egypt. Yesterday I panicked that I had nothing appropriate to wear in a conservative yet very hot country. I envisioned get off the airplane and being pelted with rotten tomatoes for my disgraceful western garb or alternatively arriving with copious amount of sweat dripping from every uncomfortable crevice. In reality I doubt locals are waiting around for their tomatoes to spoil so they can pelt disrespectful tourists disembarking in Egypt at 2:30am (which also has to be one of the coolest times of the day). Nevertheless I made a short trip to the local charity shop and I kitted myself out neck to ankles and wrists in beige linen. Only problem is I look a bit like an Arabian prince. Fortunately my mother-in-law did a little shopping on my behalf and I have some lovely light ankle-length skirts to wear if I want to look like a normal human being from this century.