First impressions

Since my photos from today and yesterday stubbornly refuse to upload, I will attempt to describe my first impressions of Whitehorse.

At first it was not great. The first time we drove in to town was after 3pm, therefore it was pitch black. Also it was snowing. A lot.

Today was a different story. Whitehorse is a flat area on the bank of the Yukon river, but surrounded by mountains. For me, this feels safe and comfortable, cradled and protected by the foothills. There is, however, the promise of adventure with sharp peaks showing in the background.

Downtown brings to mind more of a small town or village than a city of 30,000 people with the odd quaint log-style or post and beam building. The main street is mostly small independent shops without too many big box stores, they have been relegated to an area closer to the highway. The neighbourhoods are mostly in the hills around the main city and dotted with snow-covered forested area and trails. Each of these neighbourhoods have their own elementary school and some have a small plaza.

It may seem perfect (to us anyway) but one snag is the rental rates. Therefore I am now tasked with a different type of writing as I tweak my resume to convince To Whom It May Concern that I am someone perfectly suited to be a flight attendant, just in case my writing career does not take off.