Jobs and housing in a new town

It was a big day today. Rich’s application to be a substitute teacher was accepted, I applied for a job as a flight attendant at Air North and we signed a rental agreement.

We decided to go for it and rent a place out in the country. It’s the top floor of a log home with gorgeous views out of every window and an active community centre nearby. By nearby I mean 7 kilometres so I might have to invest in a snowmobile or get really good at cross-country skiing to get there and back during the limited daylight hours.

In case you are wondering, this is the same place we fell in love with from the photos while we were back in Ontario and the same place the boot salesman at the outdoor store recommended to us. It’s even better in person.

Also, it was the only place we could afford. Rental prices here are insane! Apartment rentals cost more than Edmonton and to buy a condo downtown Whitehorse will run you about the same as a condo downtown Toronto. Plus three quarters of the listing say no pets. No pets, no parties, no smoking is the general tag line at the end of listings. Even our landlord today told us no parties. He’s one of those unexpressive blokes whose serious voice is almost identical to his deadpan joking voice so I’m not entirely sure if he was joking. He and Rich should get along well though, they can be inscrutable with each other.

We are splurging on dinner at the b&b tonight and we move into our new home tomorrow. I guess we will see if we really are country people!