The road (even more) north

Our path has changed. Well, it’s veered about 2000km north west of Edmonton. Our destination is known as the Wilderness City, it’s Canada’s driest city and with a population of 30,000, the largest city in Northern Canada.. Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.

Even though Whitehorse is further north than we were planning to travel, and quite a bit west of home, it feels right. It’s only about three hours from Skagway, one our our favourite and more frequent ports of call from our years working on cruise ships. It’s nestled within forests and mountains on the Yukon River and only hours from the ocean, where we’ve always felt at home. 

We love a good road trip and now it’s time to plan the 60 hour trip of a lifetime. This will be the first excursion with Fi, our new 2007 Toyota 4Runner, soon to be accessorized by a cargo trailer. We are travelling over 5000km to via northern USA to northern Canada, through the mountains, in the middle of winter. Adventures await!