Day 3 of flight attendant training

I just finished day three of my Air North flight attendant training. So far, so good! All of my fellow trainees are genuine, nice and friendly people. I would happily work with any one of them. The training is intense and thorough. The ice breakers are unsurprisingly painful - I had to tell a story for a minute about "the time (I) had a ride on Santa's sleigh" and it was the longest 60 seconds in recent memory. The real surprise for me has been how approachable everyone is. We've been visited by or visited almost everyone, other flight attendants, the president, a pilot, the catering department, the safety department, people from marketing and everyone in between.

Yesterday, the Chief Operating Officer, Allan Moore, came into our training room and spoke to us about how we were hired not for our good looks (thank goodness) but for our heart, how Air North wants the Yukon to start when a passenger boards an Air North plane with Yukon hospitality (this is definitely a thing, I've experienced it) and how Air North is still providing meals and service while other airlines are cutting back. It may be lame, but I actually had tears welling up during his talk, he was so sincere, and I felt proud to be referred to as a Yukoner. He gleefully ran to his office and came back with a huge stack of comment cards and started reading them to us. Comment after comment were complimentary about the service and the food. I was glowing with pride for "my airline" but at the same time there was quite a lot of pressure to keep up the standard. Time will tell I suppose.

The biggest thing I've noticed about the people in this company is that they care, and you can tell. 

We have an exam on Friday, here hoping I pass (a pass is 85%) Wish me luck!