5 ways my husband impresses me

Home-made sushi courtesy of Richard. Photo by Christa Galloway.

1. Hand-made sushi. My husband, Richard, went to a cooking class last night and learned how to make sushi, and it was scrumptious. He took an Indian cooking class last month, also a success. He is the main chef in the house. The fact that my husband does not care about traditional gender roles is very endearing and the fact that I enjoy delicious homemade food is downright fantastic.

2. Piggy back rides. Not for me (I'd have to lose a few more pounds), but for my son. And all the other hands-on father stuff he does. He takes Oscar to the pool to swim, he takes him to daycare, packs his lunch, picks him up, gives him his bath, brushes he teeth, reads him stories and a million other things that make me very proud.

Richard and Oscar, out for a walk. Photo by Christa Galloway.

3. Ironing. I don't iron. I either buy clothes that don't need ironing or I wear them wrinkled and assure myself it's the style. Sometimes, however, something must be ironed. For example, my uniform for work, which I'm told requires special attention such as using distilled water and placing a cloth between the iron and the clothing. It is always meticulously ironed by my wonderful husband. Did I mention he is fantastic?

4. Wine and support. When Richard knew I stressed about my new job he would have a glass of wine and a pep talk ready for me when I got home. His absolute belief that I could do anything and that he loved me no matter what helped me keep perspective and gain confidence. He makes me a better person.

5. Driving in foreign countries. We've travelled been to ancient Roman baths in Spain, mountain trails in New Zealand, historic Route 66, and a remote guest farm in South Africa. Not by bus, not on tour, or on someone else's schedule, but by car, on the back roads and in tiny little random towns. All this is possible because Rich can drive anywhere and shares my desire to go everywhere. I'd keep him just for that!